7 Day Challenge

I’m taking this seven day challenge where you banish all negative thoughts, or at least you don’t hold on to them.

I’ve been up for two hours and so far i’ve banished at least 20. Mostly “i’m so tired”,”the house is a mess one day after cleaning it” and “I DON’T WANT TO WORK.”

It’s going to be a long week. Wait, is that a negative thought?



This is what I feel like I look like right now…

but naturally. With hair just as high but frizzy.

Without meaning to, due to extreme lack of sleep and constant anxiety.

Hey I guess my dark circles are in style now.

27 things i’ve learned in my 27 years.

1.) People who eat pudding packs at room temperature cannot be trusted.

2.) Ducks are mean when they think that you have bread and you really don’t.

3.)Goldfish are the perfect pets.

4.) Sometimes you just need to eat a whole tub of popcorn at the movies…in the dark where no one can judge. 

5.) The flu virius can live on paper for 24hours.

6.)Letting shit go is hard as f***.

7.) It is extremely rude to be late.

8.) Foodnetwork is just food porn.

9.) There is such a thing as dumb luck. 

10.) Nagging will give you a headache.

11.)A house is meant to be lived in, it’s not a museum.

12.) Cast iron cannot go in the dishwasher.

13.)Love is a verb. 

14.) Life is to short to read bad books.

15.) Sometimes you just have to shut up, nod and do what you want anyway.

16.) Nothing is softer than sliding into your bed, at noon, for a nap.

17.) You just shouldn’t waste water.

18.)People change, it’s a fundmental part of being human.

19.) Every microwave you see was made in China. Every Single One. 

20.)Sometimes day drinking is necessary.

21.)Less is more except where chocolate is concerned.

22.)Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

23.)Don’t ever apologize for the way that you feel. 

24.) If reality t.v. has taught us anything it’s that nobody has their shit together. Not the rich or the poor, not even the elite or entitled. 

25.)Be nice to the homeless, it really does suck. 

26.)Don’t take people or things for granted.

27.) Enjoy the little things in life. Tomorrow is not promised, hell, ten mintues from now is not a given.