Week Of Randoms

-Had a dream where I said screw it and had a birthday party with all of the 90’s cartoons. I just couldn’t decide between rugrats, winnie the pooh,hey arnold or doug…the balloons were amazing.

-Off to the beach for the first time tomorrow and yes i’ve packed the whole house and yes bandages were necessary.

-Made steak and eggs for breakfast, I feel like a princess.

-Bought two books yesterday, good looking beach reads…I immediately downloaded them to my Ipad, cause you know the backlight. So i guess I bought 4 books.

-Ok so Harry Potter and the Cursed child. I JUST DON’T KNOW IF I HATED IT OR LOVED IT. Harry was huge for me growing up. I mean i wasn’t allowed to read it but did anyway on the bus to and from school and in the middle of classes. I got grounded multiple times because of these BOOKS and my insistent need to read them, and now this book…fine, PLAY SCRIPT… just don’t think it lived up to being called a Harry.I think it was trying to be edgy and in trying failed.

-I’ve wanted to quit my job 20 times a day this week and haven’t… so win? Or maybe huge fail.


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