I am weird about pillows.

The pillows that you sleep with every night, think about it, they’re very personal things.

I don’t like others using my pillows. Even the five I dont actually use but especially the three that I do. Nope, not getting those ever. Here have a ugly throw pillow.

I like to tell people to bring their own pillows when crashing (on the extremly rare occasion that actually happens) or spend 3.98 on a new walmart one. Take it with you when you leave.

Hey it’s a party prize.


7 thoughts on “Pillows

  1. I’m a picky pillow person. One firm pillow for my head and one squishy pillow perpendicular to that one that I can spoon. All other pillow configurations result in little to no sleep. And yeah, no one else gets to drool on my pillow but me.

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