It was hell.

Let’s just say I dont get out much…lets just say i dont get out much at all. Once a week for 45minutes to the grocery store and that about sums it up.

I just spent 7 hours with like 10 people in a confined space. I knew all these people but,

It was hell.

There was small talk.

I think I mumbled the whole time.

It was hell.

There were old people.

Love these old people I mean like darn near 90 year olds but…

Old people stress me out the way baby’s do to people sometimes, like some people just get anxious with babys.

Except worse because sometimes they look real sad to me or because you know, mortality scares the bajeezus out of me.

Issues, I’m working on them.

This 7 hour hell has led to the past 3 hours overthinking every single word I said.

This is hell.

Don’t get me wrong, I talk to people 8 hours a day. On the phone where they can’t see me.


I did theater, I tried out for stuff. I even did stupid photoshoots for “photographer’s”.

I had fun at one point, I have pictures there’s proof!

Ever find yourself asking, when did it get this bad?

Anxiety kicked my ass today.

I’m retreating back into my shell, do not bother me again for 6 to 8 months.

No seriously,

Do not call me.

I cannot do it again.

i should also probably not binge watch greys anatomy anymore…


6 thoughts on “It was hell.

  1. I feel this! Being around too many people drains me of energy. I have a few close friends but we’re happy seeing one another every couple months or so. By that time there’s plenty to talk about.

    At the grocery store it’s typical for me to smile and make eye contact maybe once with the cashier or mumble a “hello” and “thank you.” I prefer going to the 24-hour stores where I can go around 1am and there’s almost no one shopping.

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