Ten signs your kid is going to be socially awkward.

Ten signs your kid is going to be socially awkward. Because you know, kids are like sponges.

1.) Eye contact is just a couple of words, not a action.

2.)Waiting for a haircut, two people have your name, unbeknownst to you, name is called you start to get up. Little kid runs by you, you loudly ask which person, get a response not including your last name, laugh to loudly, get stared at, consider just leaving as you sit back down.

3.) When you actually speak to someone, it’s in a octave only a dog can hear.

4.) Growing up you thought a boarding school was the place to be.

5.) A spectator sport to you is the annual airing of both the scrabble and spelling bee competition.

6.) This morning you had a dream about fractions and woke up still trying to figure the answer out.

7.) The first eyeshadow you owned was actually lip gloss.

8.) Books are your best friends.

9.) Game night with the cat use to be a real thing, as was mock Judge Judy trials.

10.) Currently your ‘calendar’ consists entirely of television¬† summer premieres.



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