One of those days.

To try and put a more positive spin on things, I’m going to list things I’ve learned from people I no longer speak to for one reason or another,either by their choosing, mine or just you know, the universe laughing at me.

1.) “Don’t tell me how to live my life.” -Because, really don’t.

2.) “The 5 p’s of life, prior planning prevents piss poor performance.” -Indeed it does.

3.) Margarine is not the same as butter & you can never have enough butter.

4.) Confidence is key.

5.) “Rule number one, I’m always right, rule number two see rule number one.”- To pull this off see above #4.

6.) It takes 15 years to become a overnight success.

7.) “You’re a tender vital”- Thank you old silver haired hippie, if you would have been 40 years younger…


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