Shim Sham of a day.

I had a dream that I was suppose to end the world by flying up to the stratosphere and then falling like a torpedo to the middle of the world and exploding the lava or whatever gelatin is in the middle, but some how I messed that up and just crashed into a penthouse. People were pissed.

Work phone rang at 4:15a.m.
And again at 6.
At 5 I was up swishing and brushing to ward off my wisdom teeth induced headache. To no avail.

Absolute wretched day. Work sucked, been sucking my soul up all week and there’s still tomorrow to go. Yay!

I was suppose to help dog/house sit this weekend but after the day I had I just couldn’t deal with being out of my comfort zone tonight. I needed my own bed, tv clicker, and bath. So I literally cried my way out of it. I just had a panic attack sitting on the old’s people’s couch thinking about how I could be curled up in my own bed. Apparently I’m now banned from vacations because I can’t stand sleeping in unusual beds. They didn’t have a coffee pot so I can’t imagine how the morning would have gone. I said I’d get some rest and try again tomorrow. I have to go back because I forgot my book thatI had been looking forward to all day.

To top it all off I had to deal with a very rude and very elderly cashier at the pharmacy that is a convenient .1 miles from my house because I forgot my wallet and had to have her remove a item. If she wasn’t elderly I would have filed a complaint with the manager I was so angry. I walked out and have now posted a yelp and am boycotting.

Today just was not my day. I still have hope for tomorrow.


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