Why Carol Rocks Quirky Toe Socks!

Spoiler Alert: if you haven’t watched Last Man On Earth yet beware:Spoiler Ahead.

It hasn’t gotten very good reviews from the critics but I love this show and it has been renewed for a second season!

It’s a dystopian era show. Most of the population has died and only a few survived. Up untill Sunday night it was only a population of 4 people, two guys, two girls.
Carol and Phil got “married” when they were under the impression that they were the last two people on earth, only to have other females slowly show up.
Vanity ensued and Phil no longer wants quirky Carol as his partner. 


Phil met two new females on sundays episode and decides to lie and say he’s the only one left. Eventually the tequila shots kick in and they decide to go skinny dipping, and wouldn’t you know it, on the road they run into the rest of the clan, including Carol.

Why does Carol rock? Because even though Phil is her only shot at reproducing and having some semblance of love she divorces Phil.
There’s a steamy last kiss that hints to the fact that Phil is going to regret it. Carol smiles michvesouly and says see you around.

You Rock Carol, you rock toe socks.

Check it out: Last Man on Earth airing Sundays on Fox at 9


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