Cat breeding in Romania

Dear Old People  (who are not my old people but I admire)

No, I have no idea what I want to “do.”

I know I DON’T want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to find out.
And the career path I’ve had for the last 8 years got me through a recession so while stressful and repetitive it works.

Yes I know I make shit money, thank you for pointing it out again. Yes I missed the boat on being a technology guru, my bad.
I’m sorry I pass out at the sight of blood and can’t jump on the nurse band wagon, the only job robots won’t be able to replace.
Yes I know you don’t agree that teachers get paid shit money to deal with a generation that grew up on Family Guy. I’d rather be poor then to want to strangle 9 out of 10 kids daily.

I can not wait to have another panic attack over my non existent retirement plan for 30+ years from now.

See you Sunday!

Dear Dude,
Please stop asking me what you want to “do”. Next time I’m going to say that you want to raise a fancy breed of cat’s in Romania while I churn butter and read dime store smut.


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