Universal Eternity

Sunday stretched and yawned. Rose in the morning slow and steady, not in any rush at all. Theirs only one more day of coffee left, but no need to storm the store. It can wait for Monday. Monday handles the mundane daily tasks, then again Tuesday would be happy to do it just for some attention.

Not even the morning sun could cure Sunday of the crankyness she felt just thinking about that blasted, no good, stay in bed jinx of a Wenesday. O yes go out on a Wednesday and be wary of your way. Likes to think he’ll teach you things in his twisted little ways.

Thursday hands out headaches around every bend. With her frantic ways and perpetual  motion, preparing for that unforgiving Friday. You’re at such a disadvantage Thursday, you’ll go by anuryesium one day. Never knowing what Friday has in store, preparedness is the key, and that is your sole responsibility.

Ahh yes the Fridays, Sunday thought, commanders of the good, the bad, and the ugly. No more can be said. There is no divining what the triplets have in store.The skipper, advisor and right hand man to the captain that is Saturday.

Saturday is the only one that procures a sigh from Sunday. Saturday in all its carefree confidence for the days destiny. Like the one star you can see over the city lights. Just bidding it’s time until its at its most radiant. Never doubting it will be the brightest in the sky. Something your eye cant help but catch.

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