30 things to do in the next 3 years

Well I wrote this a year ago so 2 years left and I am currently against skydiving. I looked up the statistics, 1 death in 180,000, so I’m not sure I like my odds. 

And I still have to write 22 more things I won’t do, so you know, I’m busy. 

1.) Sky dive. If I wasn’t a complete clutz I would do the flying squirell suit. 

2.) Hawaii. Just do all of hawaii. 

3.) Do a voice over for a cartoon.

4.) Volunteer to call bingo at a retirement home. 

5.)Take a painting/Drawing class. 

6.) Re-visit and walk the neighborhood I grew up in. 

7.) Tell more people to f off and set some boundries. (8.)


7:55 PM

I decorated a Christmas tree for the first time in 10 years tonight. 

Not just decorated one, went out and bought one and all the fixings. 

I don’t know how it happened.

It turned out to be the most retro modern tree you can think of. 

It’s snow flocked but to much so and just looks like a cheap white one. 

Paired with neon green, blue and magenta ornaments and topped of with multi colored lights this thing glows. 

The 70’s style l.e.d. color changing Angel just completes it. 

My mother would hate it.

It’s the ugliest tree I’ve ever seen. 

I love it. 

I got punk’d by a hummingbird.

I have these two hummingbirds that visit me, they are probably mostly there for the flowers in the tree next to me rather than my company. 

But I still named them “Thumbelina” and  “Joe”. 

Nice bird couple as far as bird couples go. They would sit in the tree and talk to one another.They looked more like they were in a argument actually, they would flap and chirp, flap and chirp until one would fly off in a huff. But, I would come back outside and there would be one of them,  calmly sitting, but squealing a high sharp chirp while flicking its head back and forth, concentrating for a call back. 

As if to say “Honey, I’m sorry, I’ll bring you some nectar.”

A few days later they’d swing back around, as if to say “See, things are all better.”

Well, things must have gotten better in the Hummingbird house, as what do I see the other day but a big chunky Hummingbird, different from the other two. 

This guy was as round as a silver dollar, and for a humming bird that is huge! 

I named him Thor, respectfully. 

Now, I’m sitting there admiring him for what must of been all of maybe 30 seconds, and just as I’m staring into his little eyes thinking the thought, “O, what a cute bi-” I see him bomb dive out of the tree that is a mere 3 feet from my head. 

I think I heard him move more than I saw him. 

I had no course of action other than to attempt to shield my face. 

On instinct I bring my knees up and my hands and face down. Essentially curling into a sitting ball. 

Mind you these guys, on average, beat there wings 53 times a second. This is not a bumble bee that you can shoo away and run in the house. Literally one second I was thinking this damn bird was cute and the next he was at my face. 

Or would have been if that cute freaking bird didn’t turn away at the last moment possible. 

He must have arced upwards in the spilt second I was turning into a ball and cowering from him, a kamikazi hummingbird that only moments ago I thought was majestic. 

That’s what I get for putting my phone down and trying to look at the world around me, Hummingbirds that want to involve me in their love life and their offspring that punk’d me. 

I bet he was thinking “Yea, who’s the cute bird now” as he flew away.

Week Of Randoms

-Had a dream where I said screw it and had a birthday party with all of the 90’s cartoons. I just couldn’t decide between rugrats, winnie the pooh,hey arnold or doug…the balloons were amazing.

-Off to the beach for the first time tomorrow and yes i’ve packed the whole house and yes bandages were necessary.

-Made steak and eggs for breakfast, I feel like a princess.

-Bought two books yesterday, good looking beach reads…I immediately downloaded them to my Ipad, cause you know the backlight. So i guess I bought 4 books.

-Ok so Harry Potter and the Cursed child. I JUST DON’T KNOW IF I HATED IT OR LOVED IT. Harry was huge for me growing up. I mean i wasn’t allowed to read it but did anyway on the bus to and from school and in the middle of classes. I got grounded multiple times because of these BOOKS and my insistent need to read them, and now this book…fine, PLAY SCRIPT… just don’t think it lived up to being called a Harry.I think it was trying to be edgy and in trying failed.

-I’ve wanted to quit my job 20 times a day this week and haven’t… so win? Or maybe huge fail.

4:42 Regret

On page 14 of “Harry Potter and the cursed child” and I’m regretting this reading descion so much. 

It’s all one liners. 

Dare I say it, there’s no magic, figuratively or literary. No  exstenstive descriptions of surroundings.

As always, I’m finding I should have left well enough alone. 

No butterbeer, but I hope this wine helps turn this thing around.